About Us

Great software starts with great people.
Our team of expert developers and architects builds robust applications, FAST.
For startups, we accelerate your path to market. We deliver an MVP in weeks, garnering user feedback to inform development. We avoid technical debt that slows progress. For enterprises, we modernize legacy systems. We incrementally improve code quality and architecture, boosting reliability and productivity. Your team spends less time fighting fires and more time innovating. We combine decades of software engineering expertise with leading-edge technologies like Typescript and functional programming. The result? Software that ships faster, integrates seamlessly, and scales efficiently.

In addition to development services, we provide:

  • Coaching

    Level up your team's skills in Typescript, functional programming, cloud infrastructure, and more
  • Auditing

    We assess your codebase and architecture and provide actionable steps for improvement
  • Sourcing

    Need additional developers? We can quickly find candidates with skills that match your tech stack Our founder has built mission-critical systems at global scale, managed distributed teams, and trained hundreds of engineers.
Our team brings deep experience in: Cloud Infrastructure APIs and Microservices Agile Delivery Web Frameworks Functional Programming Typescript Tired of long development cycles, endless bug fixing, and technical debt? Bring us your vision and we’ll make it a reality.
Our team combines bleeding-edge technologies with rock-solid engineering to deliver software that works - fast. Let's talk!

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Type Driven unlocks competitive advantage by surgically engineering business success through robust type systems, functional programming, and deep technology expertise.