Design and UX

Our focus is on intuitive, user-centered design that delivers exceptional experiences. By blending cutting-edge technology with human-focused design principles, we create interfaces that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and easy to use. The magic happens when technology meets design.

Keywords: UI/UX design, user experience, user-centered design, intuitive interfaces

Immersive Digital Experiences

We create stunning interactive 3D and AR experiences that engage users in new ways. Using WebGL, WebXR, and other emerging web technologies, we build seamless bridges between physical and virtual worlds. Our digital experiences blend cutting-edge 3D graphics with intuitive interactions and designs optimized for AR/VR platforms. The result is beautiful, immersive experiences that excite and inspire.

Keywords: Augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D rendering, WebGL, WebXR, spatial computing, immersive environments

Whether delivering next-generation digital interfaces or leveraging new realities like AR/VR, our focus is on leveraging 3D graphics and interactions to craft seamless, visually engaging experiences. We identify opportunities to go beyond the screen to surround users in immersive 3D environments. The future is multidimensional.

Serverless Computing

Increased flexibility Reduced complexity & TCO

Leveraging cloud-native and serverless architectures reduces complexity and TCO while providing increased flexibility, scalability, and velocity. By minimizing moving parts and optimizing for latency and throughput, we can build resilient systems efficiently. Our agile approach adapts to meet changing demands.

Keywords: Cloud computing, AWS, Azure, GCP, containers, Kubernetes, serverless, FaaS

Type Driven Development

Improved software quality

Utilizing mathematically-based type theory produces verifiable, predictable systems with improved quality. Building on proven functional programming techniques enables greater composability. The result is clear architecture that simplifies reasoning about code, reduces bugs, and improves maintainability. Keywords: Type theory, functional programming, formal methods, composability, code quality

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Explainability & Predictability

One Source of Truth for Business Logic Presentability and Testability

Our methodology produces systems where business logic stays aligned to actual capabilities. This explainability and transparency helps demonstrate how tech maps to business needs. Combined with predictable uptime and performance, we enable better planning.

Keywords: Explainable AI, Finite State Machines, Testability, Predcitability


Irontight Security

Secure by default is the new standard.

Leveraging type-safe languages and isolation technologies like WASM, we build secure systems by default. Modern best practices like least privilege and defense in depth are baked in. You get confidence your systems are hardened against threats.

Keywords: Application security, WASM, sandboxing, least privilege, defense in depth

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